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We are a digital marketing & web design agency, helping businesses grow by attracting more qualified customers who buy more frequently.

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Our Goal: To double the size of 1,000 businesses by 2023

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a local business or a member of a larger business or brand and want to scale your business, we are here to help.

There are 3 ways to grow your business...

Our entire business model is based on these three growth levers, allowing us to focus on your results rather than which services to offer you.

Attract More Customers

Make more money per customer

Increase the amount of transactions per customer

Where do you believe your business is on the mountain path?

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Clarify your vision, define your audience and create a clean brand and website.

90 day trek

90 Day Trek

Proven lead generation process

to help you acquire new customers

Guided Expedition

Guided Expedition

Let us become your marketing guide

that takes you to the peak

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What Some of Our Clients are Saying

stuart harris

Emre Gurler and the Social Iceberg team are the Steven Spielberg's of social media marketing. They produced for me a promotional video on YouTube which has now had more than 1000 views !!! Those results alone speak for themselves. Who said business can't be fun!

Stuart Harris

Stuart Harris Accountants

Hilmi Osman

I had the pleasure of working with Social Iceberg for social media and lead generation activities, which increased our tender conversion by 20%.

I can highly recommend the Social Iceberg team. For once someone has stuck to their word.

Hilmi Osman

Business Development Manager

Ann Phillpot

I have known Social Iceberg for some time now and have always been impressed by their professional work.

Their social media work is interesting, informative and makes you want to engage with them. I have learned so much from Emre and his team just by reading their freely given posts. They also give a wider span of relative information. I would strongly recommend Social Iceberg's services.

Ann Phillpot

Business Owner

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Questions & Answers

How Do I?...

How do I create a customer avatar?

“To market a product or service properly, the first thing you must do is get clear on WHO your ideal customer is, where they are hanging out, what their challenges are…

You know building a customer avatar (some call it a buyer persona) would have a huge impact on your marketing, hence why we've put this on top of the list!

Do I need a website?

Short answer... YES!

A website should be the employee that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It's the first impression of your business online and should guide your prospects through your customer journey.

How do I generate qualified leads?

Simple - Offer an irresistible specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information. 

Is there a sales process before asking for the sale?

Absolutely! - We say Marketing is like Dating.

Here is a structure we personally use...

*What's Your Number?

= A free guide/consultation

*Want to Get Coffee?

= A low-cost product service with great value

*Can I Take You to Dinner?

= Your main offer

*Will You Marry Me?

= Upsell to a premium offer

*Flowers, Date Night, etc

= Social Media, Blogging, email marketing

Which social media platform should I be using?

To identify which platform you should put your efforts in, first ask yourself, which platform would my ideal customer use.

Where can I get content ideas for social media?

The number one suggestion we would give would be to create a twitter account (If you already don't have one) go to search and type in an industry topic to see what conversations are being made. You can either take part in these conversations or use them for inspirational content.