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The biggest question we often get asked is:

How do I generate more leads to my business?

Finding your target market used to be more generalised, but also meant you will also waste loads of time and money aiming your marketing at people who are not considered your target audience.

Not anymore…

I’ve highlighted the steps we use below, which you can utilise and bring in leads faster to your business.


This is a question where people would typically answer “My target market is women in the age range of thirty-nine to forty-eight and makes £52,000 per year” which is considered normal for traditional media such as television, where targeting an audience would be decided on the time of day it’s aired.

Thanks to the Internet, all that has now changed. Today you can get as granular as you want to with the data available. You can segment people based on musical taste, medical background, and shoe size. If you like, you can even group according to the restaurants they visited last month or the websites they visited yesterday.

People expect their message to be extremely relevant to their target market, and have zero patience for generalised targeting. If your messaging speaks directly to your audience, they will relate and be more likely to approach you for your product/service.


Your target market are real people, so we need to look at real people’s behaviour. Where do they hang out online? Where do they spend their time? What email newsletters might they subscribe to? What blogs do they read? What Facebook groups are they a part of? Are they even on Facebook— or do they prefer Instagram or LinkedIn? What keywords are they searching for on Google? What books are they buying on Amazon? Answering these questions can take some time and research, but it’s worth taking as much time as you need to develop a clear picture of where your ideal clients are directing their attention.

If you can find exactly where your target market is hanging out, then pulling in the leads is simply a matter of putting a relevant message in front of them and directing them to your offer.


Did you know that The Sun has over a 7 million a day readership here in the UK.  They place their newspaper in one of the busiest spots on earth: near the tills. People only have a split second to make a buying decision, so the publication offers short two-to-three word headlines that will stop almost anyone in their tracks. The Sun newspaper is an undisputed master at interrupting your brain patterns and making you notice.

As business owners/marketers, we essentially have the same job with a few key differences. You are trying to engage someone who is already checking email, Facebook, and his mobile at the exact same time. You have to interrupt potential customers long enough for them to click on your ad and visit your website.

Making sense so far? Great! – let’s move on…

What types of images should you use for online ads?  I recommend going to Google images and searching for “The Sun headlines.” You’ll see hundreds of examples that you can model. If you look closely, you’ll notice the newspaper always uses a strange or unusual picture to grab the eye. Then it uses short, punchy headlines (usually describing something weird, unusual, or shocking) to make you curious enough to buy a copy. The images and headlines interrupt whatever you were thinking about to make you pay attention to the product, a newspaper.

I hear you say “I’m no expert in creating ads!” and if that’s not your expertise then hire someone who is. Expecting to run a business and be an expert in ads is like expecting a building contractor to know how to pour the foundation, frame the house, decorate and run the wiring. You get the point…

I hope this post has given you the basic framework to have a clearer understanding of your target market and how you can attract new leads into your business.

Leave comments below and let us know if there is a topic you would like us to cover in our next blog post.

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