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To experience exponential growth, you need to understand that there are only three types of traffic:

Traffic you control

Traffic you don’t control

Traffic you OWN

Understanding these traffic types will enable you to direct the right traffic to the right offers, convert more and turn buyers into repeat clients.

Your one and only goal should be to own all the traffic you can. This is the fastest way to grow your list and sales.


I’ll begin with the third type of traffic listed above as It’s the most important. Traffic you own is the best type of traffic, giving you complete control over communication methods such as emailing your clients, creating blog posts and engaging on social media. Each of these can generate instant traffic without the need to pay Facebook or Google. You can think of this as your own distribution channel, post a message to your clients, and engage whenever you want without the additional marketing costs.


You control traffic when you have the ability to tell it where to go. For example, when we purchase an ad on Facebook, we don’t own the traffic (Facebook does), but we can control where we want the traffic to go once the ad gets clicked.

Any kind of paid traffic is traffic we control, examples of these are:

Pay per click ads (Facebook, Google etc)

Banner Ads

Email banner ads

Affiliate programs

Now, traffic you control is great, but the problem I have is that the more of it you want, the more money you have to spend.


With this traffic type, it just shows up. You don’t have any control of where its come from and where it is going, an example of this can be someone searching your name on Google and landing on a particular page in your blog. Other examples of traffic we don’t control are:

Social media

Search traffic

Guest blog traffic


Your goal with traffic you don’t control is to direct that traffic to your blog or landing page, give massive value upfront, once a visitor gives you their email address then this becomes traffic you own. Once you own that traffic, with consent, you can re-market to them through your communication funnels.

Need help putting pieces of the traffic puzzle together? Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.

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