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The Construction Sector. It’s constantly under pressure, with Brexit, and uncertainty in the markets for those businesses operating in this sector, it’s more important than ever to ensure that any marketing spend actually makes a real impact – and offers a serious return on your investment.

When we were approached by UMG Builders to help them to generate new leads, we were excited by the opportunities for truly creative campaigns which lay ahead. UMG Builders trusted us to reposition the brand in a way which highlighted just how diverse their service offering truly is. However, we faced a challenge: UMG Builders is a residential construction company, but they also wanted to develop and grow their small maintenance department within the company. Their messaging was tricky, as in they were targetting residential extensions and loft conversions, but weren’t learning about what their customer needs really are. So how could we get around this?


UMG Builders had been around for 30 years and had an outstanding reputation. Their success up until this point had been purely down to its spread through word of mouth – but we needed to take it further.

We began to create content to form part of our 8-step marketing funnel (download it here) which turns prospects into customers and, ultimately, into brand advocates. We were able to give the campaign the gravitas it needed to resonate with their ideal audience.

We created an insightful blog which was hosted on UMG’s website and promoted via a Facebook advert, with a call to action to download their ’12 biggest mistakes homeowners make when choosing a construction company, and how to avoid them’. This gated content allowed us to capture the details of these new leads, and bring them into an email series which we used to encourage people to request a free one-hour consultation worth £147.

For every campaign we work on, we don’t just get it running and leave it running. We constantly monitor, tweak and refine it to ensure that it’s as impactful as possible- and this campaign was no different.


Online Ads vs Traditional Methods

When you think how expensive the cost per lead can be via other forms of marketing, such as stands at events or PR campaigns and even publications which are difficult to measure, it’s easy to see how high the return on the investment can be for data driven campaigns such as these.

But of course, leads are nothing if they don’t convert to sales.

We contacted these leads through email automation to upsell the idea of having a one-hour consultation. UMG Builders converted almost 60% of the consultation requests into sales, resulting in a whopping £87,000 of business in just 6 weeks.

We have a decade worth of experience in this sector as many of our team members come from a construction background, and in that time we’ve refined our processes in helping businesses in the construction Industry hit their growth goals, ensuring that our client’s marketing spend goes further, and makes the most impact possible.

Is your budget working hard enough for your business?


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